Submitted by Wonderers, grades K-1

We made ice cream in a bag and did tie dye today. We made a huge mess when the ice cream bags started leaking. We learned a new song and how to make friendship bracelets. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to the sleepover and roasting marshmallows.


Submitted by Adventures in Sherwood Forest, grades 2-3

Today, we had water park, archery, played Ultimate Ninja and Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors. The funniest part of the day was when Nissi was trying to eat a baguette and couldn’t tear it. The best part of our day was the water park, archery and spending time with friends. We learned new songs today. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to archery, having fun, hiking to the pond for lunch, making a snack over the campfire, tie dyeing and spending time with other Girl Scouts!

Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Such a busy day with everyone trying to finish up projects, especially since we were all tired from our overnight.  Girls who were paying attention might have heard a Barred Owl asking “who cooks for you?” in the woods near the unit cabins.

We had our all camp lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.  UL Kim sure can grill up those burgers! At flag, the Pixie dust unit treated us to their own version of the chicken song.  Too cute!

Despite out best efforts, we do have quite a few items in Lost and Found.  Please contact us at if you think your camper may have forgotten something.


Submitted by Pixie Dust, grades K-1

We made a snack mix this morning, played games on the field and painted pet rocks. The best part of the day was playing “Captains Coming” and graveyard in the fields. We learned to take care of a fairy house and made God’s Eyes. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to the cookout!Fish eggs in Gillett Pond Fun at Gillett Pond Pixie Dust trail mix